Anna Dogadkina

Anna Dogadkina is a Ukranian-German photographer. She has lived in Munich, Berlin, Bali, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Melbourne. Anna’s extensive travels – for nine years non stop – has seen her work focus on landscape and culture. Her images are vibrant, luxurious and curated by her own eye with distinct detail, reflecting exquisite excellences of the places she has the privilege of visiting. Beauty and truth can be found in the body and facial images of the awe inspiring people she photographers from musicians, glamour or bikini models to the extraordinary ‘snap shot’ of a passer by. Anna has been sponsored by Cannon for the last 4 years and published as ‘top 10 photographers on the watch list’ - Cannon Australia. Recently Anna has collaborated with The Anantara Group, Puma, Absolute Vodka and exhibited work in several galleries. Anna is currently spending time between South East Asia, Europe and North America. She has an instagram following of 67k @picsbyunicorn


RAW Artists Los Angeles MAGNIFY 

RAW Artists New York CONNECT


UK: Boomer Gallery

Minnesota Granite Falls 

Melbourne – ACCA Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Artshow International finalist landscape 

Melia Dubai – FREEDOM

Art Show International 01.01. 2021 Solo exhibition 01. April 2021


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