Anna Stern

Anna Stern is a an international artist who travels the world to shoot landscape and buildings for destinations and hotels. Canon-sponsored since 2017, she also creates her signature collages based on two of her biggest passions: landscape and female beauty. Her images are vibrant, luxurious, and curated with distinct detail by her own critical eye. Anna's extensive travels have seen her work focus on musicians, local culture, the female form, and the beauty of nature, reflecting the exquisite excellence of the places she has had the privilege of living and visiting. Anna is always on the run: her artwork has been exhibited on 4 continents and she is currently spending time between Bali, Barcelona and LA.


RAW Artists Los Angeles MAGNIFY 

RAW Artists New York CONNECT  


Melbourne – ACCA Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Artshow International 

Melia Dubai – FREEDOM

UK: Boomer Gallery

Saatchi Gallery

The Other Art Fair 

MMG Art Gallery

Upcoming: The Archives Museum Beijing


Artshow International finalist landscape 


Untitled photo
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